Hi everyone!

Like most of you here, I am very frustrated with what I see some calling a "fair rule".

That might be the case, I haven't been around THAT long to have much of an informed opinion, but I do know "fair" is often an argument used to justify the "morally grey" etc.

It's generally not so black-and-white, and as we see for many of us on here, hoping to supplement our modest income with a bit of extra cash to enjoy life or just about live it, the upcoming deadline is NOT great news, to say the least. Bit of a slap in the face for some of us, honestly.

Especially as many of us might have invested in Medium for the purpose of joining the program.

For now, like you, I am just trying to get this 100-follower-mark out of the way. So, until I get there, I will follow anyone who follows me right back, unless your content is xenophobic (in which case I'm more likely to report you, sorry not sorry).

Love to all, and let's do this!


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